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Vehicle service contract waiting period

Your vehicle service contract (VSC) coverage is active after the waiting period is over. The waiting period is the amount of time and miles a vehicle must be driven after the contract effective date before car breakdown coverage begins.

Refer to the Declarations Page, commonly referred to as "dec page," of your auto protection plan for specific wait period time and mileage conditions and terms.


Vehicle protection plan coverage begins after the following conditions are met and continues until the contract expiration date. Subsequent renewals will not be required to meet the following conditions.

  1. Provided:
    • The date of the automotive breakdown is after the waiting period time as listed on your declarations page
    • The breakdown odometer is after the waiting period miles as listed on your declarations page
  2. If at the time of sale there is a manufacturer base warranty or third-party vehicle service contract in effect, the contract wait period will be waived.

No Coverage

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Claims incurred during the waiting period or prior to the contract effective date

No waiting period

  • Renewal Terms - waived provided payment is received within thirty (30) days of expiration!
  • Roadside Protection -  vehicle service contract deductible doesn’t apply to roadside assistance!

  PRE-EXISTING CONDITION   Car breakdowns that occurred prior to the vehicle service contract purchase date or during the waiting period.