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Trip interruption claim reimbursement 101

Lodging and restaurant expenses

Great news! Your American Auto Shield vehicle protection plan could cover certain trip interruption expenses you might incur when your vehicle is at a repair facility due to a covered breakdown repair.

Auto protection and peace of mind far from home

Trip interruption claim coverage eligibility

To receive trip interruption reimbursement, customers will need to meet the following coverage eligibility requirements:

  1. Have an authorized and coverable claim
  2. Be more than 100 miles from home

What's covered

  1. $125 per day for a maximum of 4 days
  2. $500 maximum benefit per covered breakdown

What's not covered

  • Expenses incurred during the waiting period or prior to the contract effective date
  • Expenses incurred for days during which your vehicle is at the repair facility because of repair facility scheduling conflicts or delays
  • Expenses incurred for an inability to retrieve the vehicle from your repair facility
  • Fees for add-ons (e.g. rental insurance)

Trip interruption reimbursement

To receive trip interruption reimbursement, submit copies of your receipts:

  • By mail:  American Auto Shield, 14033 Denver West Pkwy, Suite 200, Lakewood, CO 80401
  • Online:   Submit receipts