Black car rental sign with a yellow key above a vehicle with the words car rental beside it

Rental Car Claim Coverage 101

Great news! Your American Auto Shield vehicle service contract could cover certain rental car expenses you might incur when your vehicle is at a repair facility due to a covered breakdown repair.

Car rental coverage built-in benefits

Rental car coverage eligibility

Rental car coverage is applicable for days during which your vehicle is at the repair facility. For any single day for which coverage is approved, you can rent a vehicle from a licensed rental agency.

What's covered

  • Car rental expenses from a licensed vehicle rental company
  • Cost associated with renting a vehicle similar to your covered automobile
  • Car rental expenses on a case-by-case basis during an initial assessment where it appears more likely than not that you have a covered mechanical breakdown

What's not covered

  • Expenses incurred during the waiting period or prior to the contract effective date
  • Expenses incurred for days during which your vehicle is at the repair facility because of repair facility scheduling conflicts or delays
  • Expenses incurred for an inability to retrieve the vehicle from your repair facility
  • Fees for add-ons (e.g. rental car insurance)

Rental car benefit limits

Refer to the maximum per day limit as provided on your contract Declarations Page (dec page). Car rental coverage benefits are limited by these stated maximums. Any costs that exceed these amounts are your responsibility.

Declaration page maximums

  • “Maximum Days Limit A” is for covered breakdowns resulting in the replacement or rebuilding of an engine or transmission 
  • “Maximum Days Limit B” is for all other covered breakdowns

Rental car claim reimbursement

To receive rental car reimbursement, simply provide us with copies of rental receipts and the rental agreement, if applicable.