Auto mechanic working on car engine

Vehicle maintenance - why preserving your car matters

Yes. Keep and make available upon request verifiable car maintenance records and receipts indicating timely maintenance of the vehicle as recommended by your auto manufacturer.

Car Maintenance Quick Info

  • Maintain all fluid levels
  • Maintain all records of your vehicle maintenance
  • Records may be required to determine coverage under your contract
  • Records must include date of service, mileage, supplies, and the vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • If you perform your own auto maintenance, create and maintain a log of dates, mileage, supplies, and a description of each service performed. Receipts for your supplies are required.

Be sure to keep accurate vehicle maintenance records and receipts. Not only is your vehicle investment at risk, but your vehicle service contract excludes benefits for any damage caused by a lack of recommended maintenance.

Submit maintenance records or receipts