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Roadtrip pet travel essentials and tips for the holiday

The holidays are a bustling time of year and for some, filled with time on the road. For a safe and comfy pet travel experience, we made a list of essential roadtrip items and tips for pet owners.

Car pet travel essentials & tips

Take these steps before you leave home, and you and your pet can enjoy your holiday journey before and after you reach your destination!


Pet travel bag packing list

Check the following items off your pet’s travel list for a smoother journey

  • Travel bag
  • Pet food & food container
  • Pet treats
  • Pet toys
  • Waste bags
  • Water bottle
  • ID tags
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Pet insurance
  • Vet contact information, including emergency phone numbers


Roadtrip pet safety tips

Stay safe and secure on the road during holiday travel

  • Perform regular and seasonal vehicle maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to avoid mechanical breakdowns and expensive car repairs
  • Check the National Weather Service website to stay up to date on winter weather conditions in your area
  • Keep your dog or cat secure in a pet car seat
  • Use a pet seat belt for added security, especially in high traffic areas
  • Take frequent breaks during long road trips
  • Keep your pet on a leash at rest stops and when outside the vehicle while traveling
  • Prepare for pet emergencies while traveling by having your pet's health insurance and medical details readily available
  • Never leave your pet unattended in the car
  • Make and bring a duplicate pet ID tag
  • Keep the following vehicle information close by:


Pet-friendly accommodations

Be sure you and your pet reach a pet-friendly destination

  • Plan ahead to ensure your lodgings are pet-friendly when you roll in
  • Use a car seat cover to keep your vehicle clean while traveling to your destination
  • Bring a portable paw cleaner, because everyone appreciates a courteous guest
  • Break out the pet travel bed when you reach your lodgings, if necessary

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