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American Auto Shield new office location and address

Lakewood, CO

This week American Auto Shield is celebrating our move to a new office in Lakewood, CO. A vehicle service contract claims administrator with offices in Colorado, Missouri, and Florida, the shift is more than just a simple relocation. Instead, the significant leap forward reflects our company's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer experience. 

A comfortable and collaborative workspace

Our new 14033 Denver West Pkwy, Suite 200, Lakewood address features state-of-the-art facilities. To ensure the perfect blend of comfort and motivation, we incorporated comfortable furnishings and synergistic work zones designed to inspire creativity and productivity.

Vibrant work spaces and a dynamic environment don't just welcome our employees to a new address. Our new location and energized work atmosphere are the first step in an exciting new chapter in our story!

An awesome employee and customer claims experience

Employee experience and customer experience closely connect. American Auto Shield employees engaged, empowered, and aligned with our company's vision and core values directly impact customer satisfaction. 

A sense of belonging and a culture of purpose enhance productivity while influencing the quality of employee interactions with our customers. Our new location and satellite offices provide the atmosphere, technology, tools, and team for the best claims experience.

  • Interactions
  • Effort
  • Emotions
  • Values alignment
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Team dynamics
  • Tools
  • Continuous learning mindset

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Contract holders and their repair facilities can reach us for auto repair claims at:

American Auto Shield phone number: Toll Free 1-800-531-1925

14033 Denver West Pkwy, Suite 200

Lakewood, CO 80401