American Auto Shield employees in background and focus on magenta sticky note with lightbulb

Our customer-centric vision

We're driving a customer-focused culture to deliver an awesome customer claims experience. Our holistic focus fosters a positive experience at each stage of the customer journey. Because our employees are our customers, too, this includes a range of employee benefits, perks, resources, and professional development opportunities.

  One of our highest priorities has been to deliver an employee experience that fosters a culture that includes a career pathway for our employees to identify their full potential and roadmap for professional growth. In tandem, our employees provide our customers with an awesome claims experience.
Matt Brimhall, Assistant Vice President of Claims

Customer centric mindset

  • Connected Employees
  • Customer Focused Leadership
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Empowered Front Line
  • Feedback Systems

Employee centric culture

Community centric mission

Doing the right thing applies to more than just business practices. Not only does American Auto Shield contribute to the health and well-being of our employees, we also contribute to the well-being of our communities — and we encourage our employees to contribute to the causes they care about, too.

Through our employee rewards program, American Auto Shield employees have the opportunity to earn and redeem rewards points that they can use to donate to the charities of their choice listed below: