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Driving your professional career

Yes! AAS believes in the philosophy that great leaders create leaders, and our culture, combined with our learning, development, and ongoing training programs, allow employees to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities — empowering them to transition to new roles as they grow.

Employees who receive ongoing training have a better understanding of the vehicle service contract industry, our products, services, company goals, and growth strategy — which all translate to a better employee and customer experience. We provide formal and informal learning experiences with support from managers and team leaders to ensure individual, team, and company growth.

In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our employees three distinct professional development academy opportunities tailored to American Auto Shield organizational levels:

  1. Professional Development Foundations Academy
  2. New Leader Academy
  3. Management Essentials Leadership Academy (MELA)

AAS Academies

Professional Development Foundations Academy

Course:  Provides a strong base for career development at all levels, serving as a steppingstone for new careers or as a refresher course for tenured team members.

The Professional Development Foundations Academy (PDF) is designed to lay the groundwork for development at all employment levels at American Auto Shield. This introductory course covers the necessary professional fundamentals that can be a launching point for a new career or a refresher course for more tenured team members. Topics such as critical thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and more are discussed in depth while including activities and media.

New Leader Academy

Course:  Equips newly promoted leaders with critical skills and a comprehensive curriculum that immerses participants in the essence of leadership and the significance of their role in driving the company’s success.

The New Leader Academy is designed to teach newly promoted leader's critical skills such as conflict management, building relationships, emotional intelligence, leadership methods, and our core values. The content delivered in this academy is paramount for new leaders to experience the importance of what becoming a leader at AAS truly means!

Manager Essentials Leadership Academy (MELA)

Course:  Focuses on key leadership aspects with graduates showcasing their acquired knowledge and skills through a final project, demonstrating their growth and expertise.

The Manager Essentials Leadership Academy is for mid-level managers and up. MELA discusses various leadership topics crucial for success, such as leadership styles, ethics in leadership, integrity, employee relationships, fostering change, and more.

  Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.          - Jack Welch

Career Opportunities


Development Benefits

  • Paid industry certifications

  • Cross-functional training opportunities

  • Customized development tracks

  • Professional Development Foundations Academy

  • Job training & conferences

  • Manager Essentials Leadership Academy

  • Learning time allotment

  • New Leader Academy

  • Online course subscriptions

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